‘No Javascript’ Mode#

In the ‘no javascript’ mode Lets-Plot generates plots as bare-bones SVG images.

This mode is helpful when there is a requirement to render notebooks in an ‘ipnb’ renderer which does not support javascript (like GitHub’s built-in renderer).

Activate ‘no javascript’ mode using the LetsPlot.setup_html() method call:

from lets_plot import *


Alternatively, you can set up the environment variable:

LETS_PLOT_NO_JS = true   (other accepted values are: 1, t, y, yes)

Note: interactive maps do not support the ‘no javascript’ mode.

Offline Mode#

In classic Jupyter notebook the LetsPlot.setup_html() statement by default pre-loads Lets-Plot JS library from CDN. Alternatively, option offline=True will force Lets-Plot adding the full Lets-Plot JS bundle to the notebook. In this case, plots in the notebook will be working without an Internet connection.

from lets_plot import *


Note: internet connection is still required for interactive maps and geocoding API.