What is new in 4.3.0#

  • coord_polar()

    The polar coordinate system is most commonly used for pie charts, but it can also be used for constructing Spyder or Radar charts using the flat option.

    ../../_images/polar_coord_pie.png ../../_images/radar_chart.png

    See: example notebook.

  • In the theme()

    • panel_inset parameter - primarily used for plots with polar coordinates.

      See: example notebook.

    • panel_border_ontop parameter - enables the drawing of panel border on top of the plot geoms.

    • panel_grid_ontop, panel_grid_ontop_x, panel_grid_ontop_y parameters - enable the drawing of grid lines on top of the plot geoms.

  • geom_curve()


    See: example notebook.

  • [UNIQUE] Visualizing Graph-like Data with geom_segment() and geom_curve()

    • Aesthetics size_start, size_end, stroke_start and stroke_end enable better alignment of segments/curves with nodes of the graph by considering the size of the nodes.

    • The spacer parameter allows for additional manual fine-tuning.

    ../../_images/graph_simple.png ../../_images/graph_on_map.png


  • The alpha_stroke Parameter in geom_label()

    Use the alpha_stroke parameter to apply alpha to entire label. By default, alpha is only applied to the label background.

    See: example notebook.

  • Showing Plots in External Browser

    The LetsPlot.setup_show_ext() directive allows plots to be displayed in an external browser window.

Change Log#

See CHANGELOG.md for other changes and fixes.