Lets-Plot — multiplatform plotting library built on the principles of the Grammar of Graphics

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Inspired by ggplot2

A faithful port of R’s ggplot2 to Python and Kotlin.

You can learn R’s ggplot2 and the grammar of graphics in the “ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis” book by Hadley Wickham.



A Grammar of Graphics for Python - a Python visualization library. You can use it in Python notebooks as well as in PyCharm and Intellij IDEA IDEs.

A Grammar of Graphics for Kotlin - a Kotlin multiplatform visualization library which fulfills your needs in the Kotlin ecosystem: from Kotlin notebooks to Compose-Multiplatform apps.


Geospatial Visualization

Find spatial objects with the help of our powerful and easy to use Geocoding module. In case you already have GeoDataFrame on hand - plot it straight away.


Customizable Tooltips and Annotations

You can customize the content, values formatting and appearance of tooltip and annotation for layers of your plot.