class layerLabels(variables: String)

Configures annotations (for pie chart). Defines the content and format for displaying the value.


val data = mapOf("name" to listOf("a", "b", "c", "d", "b"), "value" to listOf(40, 90, 10, 50, 20))
letsPlot(data) +
size = 15, hole = 0.2,
labels = layerLabels("..proppct..").format("..proppct..", "{.1f}%").size(15)
) { fill = asDiscrete("name", orderBy = "..count.."); weight = "value" }



Variable names to place in the annotation with default formatting. Useful for specifying the annotation content quickly, instead of configuring it via the line() method.


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constructor(vararg variables: String)


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fun format(field: String, format: String): layerLabels

Defines the format for displaying the value. The format will be applied to the corresponding value specified in the line template.

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fun line(template: String): layerLabels

Specifies the string template to use in the annotation.

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fun size(value: Number): layerLabels

Specifies a text size in the annotation.