What is new

Version 2.5.1

Mostly a maintenance release.

Nevertheless, few new features and improvements were added as well, among them:

Version 2.5.0

Plot Theme


See: example notebook.

Theme Flavors

Theme flavor offers an easy way to change the colors of all elements in a theme to match a specific color scheme.

In this release, we have added the following flavors:

  • darcula

  • solarized_light

  • solarized_dark

  • high_contrast_light

  • high_contrast_dark


See: example notebook.

New parameters in element_text()

New Plot Types


See: example notebook.

Color Scales

Viridis color scales: scale_color_viridis(), scale_fill_viridis().

Supported colormaps:

  • magma

  • inferno

  • plasma

  • viridis

  • cividis

  • turbo

  • twilight


See: example notebook.

Change Log

See CHANGELOG.md for other changes and fixes.