What is new in 4.0.0

The major version was bumped to 4 due to a major package refactoring that the project has undergone.
This refactoring doesn’t affect the Python API, however, as a result of package names changed,
Lets-Plot v4.0.0 is partially incompatible with Lets-Plot Kotlin API versions 4.4.1 and earlier.

A Number of Geometry Defaults Changed

  • Size of points is slightly adjusted to match the width of a line of the same “size”. point_vs_line-img

Support for Variadic Line Width and/or Color in geom_line() and geom_path()


See: example notebook.

Parameter "size_unit" in geom_pie()

A way to specify size of the pie in units relative to the plot size.

See: example notebook.

Stroke and Spacers in geom_pie()


See: example notebook.

New theme_void(), Geometries and Statistics

Change Log

See CHANGELOG.md for other changes and fixes.