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The residualPlot() function produces a residual plot with an optional density summary on margins.



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fun residualPlot(data: Map<*, *>, x: String, y: String, method: String? = null, deg: Int? = null, span: Double? = null, seed: Long = ResidualPlotBuilder.SAMPLING_SEED_DEF, maxN: Int = ResidualPlotBuilder.LOESS_CRITICAL_SIZE_DEF, geom: String? = ResidualPlotBuilder.DEF_GEOM, bins: Any? = null, binWidth: Any? = null, color: String? = null, size: Number? = null, alpha: Number? = null, colorBy: String? = null, showLegend: Boolean = true, hline: Boolean = true, marginal: String = ResidualPlotBuilder.DEF_MARGINAL): Plot

Produces a residual plot that shows the difference between the observed response and the fitted response values.